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Festival Jean Ferrat
Festival Jean Ferrat

a concert

in your living room? 

We're missing so much live music!!!!

Well, in fact... there's a solution: we still can play in a living-room, or in a garden!

We just need a bit of space to welcome people, friends, and me and my guitar. We can share a good and unique moment together and still keep a minimum of distance between each other so we protect each other.

I know, I know... you may think: "but I don't live in France, that's not possible". 

You'r wrong. It's possible, we just need to organize in advance.

Cause yes, I need to be sure that I won't be ruined just to make one concert. But if I can sing in your living room and another living room in your city or in another city near from yours... than it's great!

So let's do it!

Answer the short survey below so I can understand when I could come to sing my songs to you, where it's supposed to be and how many people you can welcome at your place.

And we can make it happen!

photo @Marion Billou

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